The brake pad we are looking for must have high braking force and excellent noise performance. They have small wear of brake disc, stable high temperature braking ability, low thermal expansion, qualified compression rate, low ash fall and environmental protection, so as to improve driving stability and active safety. Recommendation is the protector of the car, and brackepad is the key to ensure the normal driving of the car and the personal safety of passengers. Therefore, the quality of the brake pads and the maintenance status of the brake pads are very important. In addition to the perfect performance, the brake pad can also achieve timely and rapid response when braking, which is better for the pedal response when braking and brings more braking confidence to the riders.

We often carry out all kinds of maintenance on our car. As such an important part, how can we check whether we should replace the brake pad? How to select qualified brake pads?
Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to the safety performance of cars. More and more brake assist systems are installed on a car to improve the driving safety. The two most basic components of the brake system, brake disc and brake pad, are the key to vehicle braking. Brakepad has stable braking performance, strong anti heat aging ability and excellent service life performance Price also has a great advantage, so that you feel free to follow your heart, calmly forward.